The Hidden Dangers Of Taking Vitamins

The Hidden Dangers Of Taking Vitamins

Vitamins and supplements are common solutions to numerous pertinent health problems. Furthermore, federal government research study has shown that over half of American grownups take dietary supplements daily. Yet each year, millions of individuals take these compounds in the wrong doses, in inappropriate combinations or as part of fad treatments or diet plans.

Taking the wrong supplement is not simply a matter of missing out on the advantages. In fact, countless patients experience serious adverse effects and health problem from off-the-shelf vitamin and herbal options. In the case of the dietary supplement Ephedra, which has actually been utilized to help individuals reduce weight or increase energy, there have actually been over 80 deaths connected to its use.

Some individuals also have actually exposed themselves to possible overdoses by taking a combination of organic and vitamin supplements which contain overlapping doses of nutrients. Extreme dosages of vitamin A, for example, can trigger liver and nerve damage, bone loss and abnormality. Yet lots of off-the-shelf supplements consist of more than twice the day-to-day dose of vitamin A that is thought about safe.

Likewise, vitamin D can be so harmful when it is taken in large doses that it can cause the body to over-absorb calcium, even pulling it from the bones and potentially causing a wide variety of severe health issue.

Since of the minimal regulation in the supplement industry, some vitamins consist of lead, which is harmful for the human body.

Acknowledging the threats connected to supplements and the confusion about taking such items, business such as American Health Sciences established supplement lines that work best when taken together which are suggested by doctors nationwide.

The Clinician’s Choice line, for example, is a family of toxin-free supplements developed to be taken together to efficiently provide the purest essential minerals and vitamins directly to where the body needs them.

These pharmaceutical-grade supplements were created by a group of over 30 physicians with their patients’ health and requires in mind and are made to the greatest standards possible.